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Published on: 2023-03-28 10:58:20

Last modified: 2023-04-25 13:35:43

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Reference(s) Albanian General Directorate of Taxation

Tax tables last updated: 2023-04-19 09:12:00

Currency Albanian Lek [ ALL ] [ L ]

What is the Albania Report form for?

The Albania Report form allows you to to:

  1. Request an update to the Albania tax tables: Whilst we aim to provide 100% validity of Albania tax rates and thresholds (current and accurate) this is not always possible due to the reporting mechanisms that certain governments use. We are a UK based company, this means that on occasion we do not always get to hear of all tax changes that occur in Albania. If you do spot an error or notice that we have not updated the Albania tax tables then please do get in touch, we always respond to tax table change requests as a priority. The support of our community and your keen eye, time and patience in supporting this project is very much appreciated and helps to keep the Albania tax tools free for you to use on our website.
  2. Report a bug on the Albania Tax Calculator: We complete a lot of testing but we do occasionally make mistakes, if you do spot a bug on one of the Albania tax calculators then please do report it. Bug fixes, along with rate updates, are our highest priority as we understand that our users need accuracy and confidence in the Albania tax calculators.
  3. Request a new feature on one of the Albania Tax Calculators: We shape and refine our Albania tax calculation tools to support our community. If you would like a specific feature adding to one of the Albania tax calculators then please do get in touch.